Everyone said “do not get a lawyer for your divorce, it will cost you an arm and a leg and they rarely actually get anything done. In addition, all they want is your money and will try to cause litigation situations just to go to court, then you are talking tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars”. I found this statement to be completely false with the office of Dawn Dell’Aqua. In addition, I have referred about 6 people and all who have used her have said that she helped them tremendously and are quickly getting things accomplished where other lawyers were not. I have never heard a negative thing about Dawn and her law office. She is professional and has an excellent, knowledgeable assistant that helped me keep costs down. She protects her clients and tries to keep things out of the courts if possible. In divorce situations, she encourages mediation but if that is not possible, is VERY good at protecting her client and doing the right thing by her client. She is honest and forthright and does not waste your time with suggestions that won’t fly with the court system. I highly recommend the Dawn Dell’Aqua law office to anyone for any and all services she provides. She is honest and credible and excellent in knowing her stuff. In the courtroom, if you need to go there. As one of the friends I recommended said to me “When Dawn speaks, the court listens.