San Diego Mediation Attorney


When you contact A New Start Mediation Center, our staff will set you up with an initial consultation with one of our experienced family law mediators.  You will complete an intake worksheet  in advance of your consultation so that the Mediator will be able to assist you in determining what issues you have in your case and how best to proceed in mediating your dispute.  If both parties are committed to engage in the process of mediation, which at times may be emotional and require a willingness to compromise, the parties will sign an engagement agreement.

At A New Start Mediation Center, we offer flat fee packages, dependent on the number of hours of mediation you will need.  You will find that our packages are reasonably priced.  The assigned Case Manager will assist the parties in completing all required court forms as part of the mediation package.  If parties need interim agreements at the outset of a divorce or separation case, the Mediator can assist.  In many divorce cases, however, the parties successfully work with the Mediator to reach a settlement.  If a settlement is reached, a Judgment package will be prepared, if requested, that includes a Marital Settlement Agreement.  Most cases can be resolved within 2-3 mediation sessions, each set for 1.5 hours.  Because of the experience of our mediators at A New Start Mediation Center, many options for settlement will be presented that will help the parties to reach solutions for their conflicts.


Your initial consultation at A New Start Mediation Center is done in a virtual meeting with both parties and the Mediator.  You can relax in the comfort of your home on your computer or if you are on the move, you can use your cell phone.  You will need a camera on your computer though if you are not using your cell phone.

After signing an engagement agreement, your assigned Case Manager will assist you with completing your forms by exchanging documents through a secure portal, so that you are assured that your confidential and private account information will be protected from malware.  Any documents you need to sign will be sent to you electronically in a program that will allow you to sign easily from your home computer or mobile device.

Your mediation sessions will also be done virtually.

Once a Marital Settlement Agreement is reached and all terms are agreed on, you will have an appointment scheduled at the Center’s large conference room with a notary.  In advance of your appointment, the surface area is sanitized.  You are asked to wear a mask on entry to the building.  On arrival to the conference room, you will sanitize your hands, present photo identification to the notary, and sign your Marital Settlement Agreement and the Notary’s book, all done within 10 minutes.  When both signatures are received, your Case Manager will securely send you a copy of the agreement.

All forms necessary for your Judgment packet to be submitted to the court, along with your Marital Settlement Agreement, will be dropped at the court by our messenger service.  On processing of the Judgment, this paperwork will be returned to our office by our messenger service, and you will be provided with a copy of your Judgment.  With A New Start Mediation Center we will do all the work for you, and once a Judgment is entered, you can begin your New Start!