San Diego Child Support Attorney

San Diego Child Support Attorney
In California, child support obligations are calculated by the state’s complex guidelines. The guidelines employ a very complicated algebraic formula. A variety of factors, such as the income of each party and visitation percentage, are entered into the formula to determine the appropriate child support amount for each particular situation. The child support guidelines are, for the most part, rigidly applied by the courts. There are few circumstances under which the court may deviate from the child support guidelines. An experienced attorney can make a case to the court if your circumstances cause a deviation from that formula or include different factors.
At The Law Office of Dawn Dell’Acqua, APC, our San Diego Child Support Attorney services are headed by a Certified Family Law Specialist who can help ensure that your circumstances are heard by the court during the determination of a child support obligation.
Previously, our lawyer gained valuable insight and experience in dealing with child support issues as a lead attorney for the County of San Diego, District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (now known as The Department of Child Support Services).

Determination of Child Support
The state guidelines, while very strict, do consider factors which affect your net disposable income, such as the following:

  • Is there a hardship?
  • Should the court deduct for child support paid for other children or other cases?
  • How much time does each parent have with the minor children?
  • Should there be a deduction for union dues or retirement?
  • Are there job-related expenses?

The court may or may not grant such deductions in calculating a guideline child support obligation. Our San Diego Child Support Attorney services are experienced at creating persuasive presentations of the facts in pursuit of having the court grant such deductions. These factors are just a few of the options under the state guidelines to tailor your child support obligation to your reality. Let our experienced family law attorney help you pursue a truly representative child support obligation.

Enforcement of Child Support
If the other parent is not meeting his or her responsibilities regarding child support, our Child Support Attorney team can help you use the power of the court to enforce that obligation. In successful cases of child support enforcement within the State of California, there is a mandatory award of attorney’s fees incurred by a party to enforce a child support obligation.

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