San Diego Confidential Mediation

Benefits of San Diego Confidential Mediation

Most legal cases do not go all the way to an actual trial. Instead, cases are settled through the benefits of confidential mediation or collaboration. This occurs, almost always, at a much lower cost compared to continuing to fight it out in court.  For resolving conflicts and making educated decisions about your case, consider the following benefits of San Diego Confidential Mediation :

Affordable – Among the many benefits of San Diego Confidential Mediation, the cost is one of them.  Mediation can be a less expensive method of resolving a divorce or other family law issues. Unlike litigation, mediation relies on direct communication between spouses and may avoid the substantial cost of attorney fees. Your mediator at A New Start Mediation Center will assist you in maintaining a constructive dialogue in order to accelerate the resolution of issues.

Fast – Resolution can be achieved far more quickly through mediation at a New Start Mediation Center. The Family Court dockets in California are crowded and a litigated divorce can take years to complete. Moreover, San Diego courts will require you to attend a settlement conference to discuss a resolution with your spouse before a case can proceed to trial. It often takes several months to obtain a date.

Confidential – California law protects settlement discussions in mediation as confidential. Mediation grants parties the ability to safely consider options without fear that statements, questions or concerns might be used against them later in court.

Control – Litigation requires that you put your case in the hands of a Family Court judge, while mediation with A New Start Mediation Center allows you to make the arrangements that best suit your family’s needs. In mediation, spouses or co-parents make the choices about their family’s future by crafting a parenting plan, arranging for support needs, dividing property and assigning debts with the mediator’s help.

Mutual Agreements – By avoiding the win-lose mentality of a court battle, you can protect yourself and your children from prolonged conflict and hostility. With the help of a mediator, mediation with A New Start Mediation Center will enable you to negotiate and communicate with your spouse to create a mutual agreement.

Child-Focused Resolution – Mediation with A New Start Mediation Center will allow you and your spouse to decide what is best for your children. With the help of a mediator, you will work together to arrange child custody, child support and a parenting plan that benefits your family.
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