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Affordable Mediation

A more affordable way to resolve family law issues such as divorce and legal separation is through Mediation. In mediation, attorneys help spouses communicate with one another in a safe and moderated manner. In contrast, litigation requires attorneys to convey information to the spouses. This results in unavoidable delays and considerable attorney fees.

Mediation can be used for the entire divorce process, or it can be used selectively in problem areas only. If mediation resolves all issues in a divorce, the attorney can then prepare the documentation, have both parties sign, and submit the documents to the court. You don’t have to go to court.


The Basics of Family Law Mediation

If you wish to avoid the fees associated with litigation, try mediation instead. Ask the attorneys to contact Dawn Dell’Acqua for a half-day or full-day conference. There is a fee for family law mediation; however, it is quite reasonable given how much you will save by avoiding litigation. Conferences can be hosted virtually so it is safe and convenient for all parties involved. Please contact our office for more information.

Mediation Gives Results Faster

In addition to the lower cost of mediation compared to litigation, mediation will also give you results faster. There is a backlog of cases at Family Court, which means that you will need to wait to have your day in court. If both spouses agree to mediate, a meeting can be arranged, and the process can proceed much sooner than it would by waiting for Family Court.

There are other intangible benefits of using a Georgetown divorce and legal separation mediator:

  • Confidential — Discussions that occur during mediation are confidential. This means that both parties can discuss issues without fear that what was said will be used against them in a court of law.
  • Manage and Control the Results— In litigation, the Family Court judge will dictate the final decision after they have considered the facts. This means your fate is left to the judge. In contrast, a mediator can negotiate results that better suit both parties. In mediation, the attorneys will negotiate the terms of a parenting plan, spousal support, and the division of assets/debts. You may not get everything you want, but a good mediator will suggest compromises so both parties get some of what they want.
  • Mutual Agreements — When spouses go to court, their mentality is one of “win or lose”. In mediation, spouses enter the conference room with the willingness to negotiate and compromise. Mediation is less stressful and will be better for the spouses and the children.
  • Flexibility with Parenting Plan — In litigation, the judge will dictate the terms of child custody based on the facts presented to them. However, when it comes to children, spouses are often willing to make decisions that are best for the children. With the help of a mediator, spouses can often come to a more accommodating parenting plan works for both parents and that minimizes the negative impact on the children.
  • Preserve Civility Between Spouses –  Mediation avoids the “winner takes all” or “burn all bridges” approach. This is important because, in a divorce or separation, the parties will likely see one another in the future especially if they share children. Preserving civility between spouses will lead to less hostile interactions in the future.

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